Dick Quist

Senior Manager Global Education Centers


Speaker Sessions

September 23, 2023 | 10:45 AM (PDT) - 11:45 AM (PDT)

About Dick Quist, MD

Dick Quist, MD is responsible for developing the Abbott EP Advance Technology Centers (ATCs) around the world including the equipment, workflows, and technology advancement discussions.

After his medical education Dr. Quist choose a career of program development in the medical world. He started with setting up breast cancer screening programs in the Netherlands. Following that he continued with all operational tasks running clinical research at Cordis, a J&J company. Within Cordis, Dr. Quist’s career broadened to larger management positions including marketing, human research and education program management. Each of these roles led to Dick having been recruited in 2008 by St Jude Medical (now Abbott) to set-up its first ATC in Brussels, Belgium. Now there are six additional ATCs across the world in Austin, Beijing, Minneapolis, Sao Paolo, Sylmar and Tokyo from where internal and external EP educational activities are organized. These sites not only provide education but have the latest technology available including advancements in connectivity, virtual reality, and medical procedure simulation devices.

More recently Dick has been involved in the selection, development, role out and usage of Virtual Reality Technology, hands-on VR, as well as 360 degree VR with multiple applications; a HoloPresence program, and the Medinbox system for educational and procedural purposes.


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