HRX Pitch Competition: Deadline Extended to July 17, 2024

HRX Pitch Competition: Deadline Extended to July 17, 2024

Partner with HRX

Partner with HRX

Partner with HRX

Ignite Innovation

HRX is a catalyst, a driving force, for organizations committed to uncovering the next great cardiovascular innovation. By seizing opportunities and nurturing invaluable connections, HRX aims to accelerate innovation and drive breakthroughs to improve the lives of patients with heart rhythm disorders.  

With its annual forum, HRX , and year-round through the HRX Innovation Hub, HRX has cultivated a vibrant ecosystem that fuels today’s pioneers with critical insights and expert guidance on the journey from discovery to invention, translation, and commercialization.  

The sharpest intellects from the worlds of medicine, technology, government, and business, armed with practical wisdom and a collaborative spirit, support innovators as they navigate the complexities of clinical trials, regulatory processes, and market adoption strategies and, ultimately, integrate novel technologies into patient care. 

Join us with your support. Join us to ignite innovation. 

Meet with the HRX leadership team to discuss how to tailor your engagements with the HRX community and maximize your return on investment.   

HRX 2024

Immerse yourself in the latest in healthcare innovations. Surround yourself with visionaries, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors—all eager to network, share ideas and envision what’s next in cardiovascular medicine.  

~ HRX attendee

“We had a chance to talk with HRS leaders without feeling rushed. It was clear these leaders wanted to talk with us as well.”

The XChange: A playground for innovators at heart

Unlike other forums, HRX provides an unconventional, intentionally intimate space to spark meaningful discussions and nurture relationships with a curated audience of key opinion leaders from around the globe. We call this the XChange. 

This one-of-a-kind event space serves as the hub for all things HRX. It takes place in the XChange, from small group breakout discussions and research presentations to main tent speakers and happy hours. 

Who attends?

HRX draws innovation-minded clinicians, researchers, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, investors and patient advocates worldwide. The audience, intentionally limited to 900, includes 150 distinguished and curated key opinion leaders. 

Build your HRX home – Real estate in the XChange

Build your HRX home – Real estate in the XChange 

At HRX, there are no exhibitors. Here, we network differently. Our HRX partners start with their own real estate to build their home in The Xchange. Turn your Xchange address into a luxury lounge for attendees, an office or pod for private meetings, a show-and-tell for your product, or take a minimalist approach. The choice is yours! Our team will help you discover the right approach to achieve your goals. 

Showcase your expertise – Thought leadership and content 

HRX stands out as a truly uninhibited event. Beyond the stellar networking and collaboration environment, you can craft your own educational content to present to influential leaders in medicine, technology, and business. Create educational activities at your XChange address, the main tent, or within our various pavilions, all subject to approval by the HRX Production Team. 

Build your HRX home – Real estate in the XChange
Make meaningful connections – 1:1 Networking & Small Groups

Make meaningful connections – 1:1 Networking & Small Groups

Maximize your HRX 2024 experience by taking advantage of opportunities to conduct meetings with key opinion leaders in one-on-one sessions or in small group discussions.   

Why HRX 2024?

  • Engage stakeholders from every stage of the innovation cycle  
  • Differentiate and amplify your brand 
  • Showcase your expertise 
  • Gain market insight 
  • Engage with your target audience 
  • Demonstrate your commitment to innovation 
~ Georg Cantor, pioneer of new mathematics

“Great innovation only happens when people aren’t afraid to do things differently.”

HRX Innovation Hub

Innovation cannot be confined to three days a year. To meet the future demands of cardiovascular medicine, innovation must be at the forefront 24/7/365. The HRX Innovation Hub represents the Heart Rhythm Society’s commitment to drive discovery and progress through building connections and community. Supporting HRX Partners collaborate with HRS leadership to create and implement tailored activations throughout the year.   

  • Curated discussions with KOLs 
  • Live and online educational programs and events 
  • Collaboration opportunities 
  • Brand amplification 

Join Us. Let’s ignite innovation.

Meet with the HRX leadership team to discuss how to tailor your engagements with the HRX community and maximize your return on investment.