HRX 2022 Pitch Competition

HRX 2022 Pitch Competition

HRX 2022 Pitch Competition

Meet Our 2022 Winners

First Place: Relay Response

Relay Response is a transformative resuscitation platform that aims to make CPR accessible and effective for everyone. By developing medical software that runs on smartphones and smartwatches, Relay Response enables rescuers to practice CPR on-demand while receiving real-time coaching and data-rich insights. 

Relay Response was thrilled to be invited to participate in the 2022 HRX Pitch Competition. The event allowed them to connect with a diverse group of clinicians, investors, and industry leaders. Relay Response is eager to use their success to put the future of cardiac arrest care in the hands of everyone.

Second Place: VPExam from TeleHealth Care Solutions LLC

TeleHealth Care Solutions LLC (TCS) was created to improve access and quality of care for new patient populations by developing innovative, clinically validated virtual care systems that reduce mortality in complex cardiac care patients.

One of TCS’s innovations is VPExam Virtual Care, which combines augmented reality with Bluetooth stethoscopes and single-lead ECG to improve diagnostic accuracy by accessing volume status, cardiopulmonary auscultation, detection of arrhythmias, and proving structured data, including vitals, medication reconciliation, and labs. VPExam Virtual Care has significantly improved outcomes for high-risk heart failure patients, including a 40% reduction in the 30-day hospital readmission rate and a 50% reduction in the 30-day mortality rate.

The TCS team was excited to have the opportunity to discuss the ongoing evolution of virtual care, primarily when focusing on specialty transition of care. Virtual care in heart failure management is a rapidly evolving intervention with high-yield quality returns.

Third Place: Anumana

Anumana is an AI-driven health technology company that is part of the inference and Mayo Clinic Platform portfolio. By harnessing industry-leading AI and translational science to decode electrocardiograms (ECGs), Anumana leverages the ECG as a deep predictive tool and biomarker of disease and empowers care providers to help patients early in their treatment.

Anumana was excited about the opportunity to participate in the HRX Pitch Competition and to share their story on breakthrough AI ECG innovations. Their team thoroughly enjoyed meeting fellow innovators disrupting cardiology with digital tools and transforming patient care.