HRX Pitch Competition: Deadline Extended to July 17, 2024

HRX Pitch Competition: Deadline Extended to July 17, 2024

Presenter Resources

Presenter Resources

Presenter Resources


We are thrilled to have you participating at HRX! On this page, you will find various resources that will help enhance and inform your HRX Xperience. Take a moment to view the Program-At-A-Glance to see what day and time your session(s) are occurring.

Wondering what the different types of sessions are? View our HRX Session Types.

If you are participating in a Main Tent, Group Chat, or AbstracX session and need to use slides, please Download the official HRX 2023 presentation template here.

Please upload your slides by following the instructions displayed on this website:

HRX convenes innovators, thought leaders, and advocates who believe that the future of healthcare lies in virtual, digital, and other cutting-edge technologies. If you’re someone who’s not afraid to challenge the status quo and often pushes beyond conventional boundaries—then you’ll be in good company. We know we can only deliver the best possible care to patients through bold innovation and collaboration. Because of this, we are sure that some of you may have questions.

We have compiled a list that should address any questions you may have. View our FAQs for HRX Presenters.

If you do not find the answer(s) you need in the FAQs, please contact us at

Wondering what to pack for HRX?

We highly encourage “Smart Casual” attire for the HRX experience. So ditch the heels and ties, and opt for a comfy sweater or t-shirt and pair of jeans and sneakers.

See below for our recommended packing list.

HRX Dress Code Image

The HRX 2023 mobile app is available now on both the App Store and Google Play. Download the app today to gain access to all things HRX, including the ability to connect with other attendees, send messages, request meetings, create a personalized schedule with your must-attend AbstracX and HRX sessions, preview Xhibitors, sponsors, and more.

Three Stages, One Room for an Unforgettable Xperience!

The entire HRX experience will take place in a single space, allowing each attendee to float from one content stream to another, visit with an Xhibitor, or network with a fellow attendee without having to leave the room.

HRX is divided into three streams: Business of Digital Health, Digital Patient Experience, and Health Technology & Solutions; each attendee will be given a headset that includes a switch enabling them to go between audio channels connected to the three HRX streams. Attendees can listen to the session that interests them the most, by switching to the corresponding stream’s channel.

View HRX Floorplan

The excitement around HRX is palpable and we know that many of you are sharing this excitement on your various social media platforms. To that end, we have created social media badges that identify you as speakers at HRX (see an example below). If you would like a personalized “HRX 2023 Speaker” profile picture, please email us at

HRX Social Media Platforms, Handles, and Hashtags

  • Follow us on Twitter/X: @experienceHRX
  • Follow us on Instagram: @HRSmeetings
  • Follow us on LinkedIn: HRX 2023
  • Use the hashtag, #HRX2023 in every post
  • Use #digitalhealth when engaging with fellow leaders
  • Use the URL: when possible

Below are sample social media posts for you to share before the conference. Please feel free to customize the text to fit your needs.

  • Join me at #HRX2023 in Seattle, WA, from Sept 21-23, 2023! Visit to learn more and register.
  • [INSERT NUMBER OF DAYS] days until #HRX2023! I am [THRILLED/EXCITED/EAGER] to join @experienceHRX and my fellow #digitalhealth innovators in Seattle this September. Join the excitement by registering at
  • Looking forward to speaking at #HRX2023 on [INSERT SESSION DATE/TIME] during [INSERT SESSION NAME]. Register now for HRX at to watch my session live in Seattle!
  • Meet me at #HRX2023! Thrilled to be joining a conversation with members of @HRSonline & cardiovascular #digitalhealth leaders in Seattle on Sept 21-23, 2023 in an effort to transform patient care. Learn more & register at

What to Know Before You Go

Thank you for registering for HRX 2023. We hope you are as excited as we are to come together to transform patient care through digital health solutions.

Learn about what you need to know before arriving for HRX.

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