HRX Innovation Challenge: Deadline is June 3, 2024

HRX Innovation Challenge: Deadline is June 3, 2024

Caitlin Cox

News Editor | Associate Director of Editorial Content

TCTMD | Cardiovascular Research Foundation

Speaker Sessions

September 06, 2024 | 01:30 PM (EDT) - 02:30 PM (EDT)

About Caitlin Cox, MA

Caitlin E. Cox is News Editor of TCTMD and Associate Director, Editorial Content at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. Her work on outpatient peripheral vascular interventions won the 2020 National Institute for Health Care Management’s Trade Journalism Award. Prior to her career as a journalist, she earned a BS in Biology at the University of Georgia and did 2 years of bench research on HDL cholesterol at Tufts University. Cox holds an MA in Journalism from New York University‚Äôs Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program. She has written for a variety of publications, including the Christian Science Monitor and Natural History. Before joining TCTMD in 2008, she spent over a year as a freelance medical journalist in New Delhi, India.