Mellanie True Hills

Founder & CEO

American Foundation for Women’s Health &

About Mellanie True Hills, CSP

Mellanie True Hills, CSP
Founder & CEO, American Foundation for Women’s Health and
Atrial Fibrillation Patient
Author of A Woman’s Guide to Saving Her Own Life

*As a women’s health expert and CEO of the non-profit American Foundation for Women’s Health, she created and manages, an atrial fibrillation patient resource aimed at raising awareness of atrial fibrillation, a leading cause of strokes.

*As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), she raises awareness of heart disease and stroke with her inspirational and motivational keynotes.

*She led one of the first corporate web sites,, and one of the first corporate intranets.

*She was a high tech executive at Dell, an executive strategist at Cisco, a world-renowned Internet strategy consultant, and spoke and consulted from Singapore to Rio de Janeiro and Johannesburg to New Delhi.

*Author of the award-winning book, A Woman’s Guide to Saving Her Own Life: the HEART Program for Health and Longevity, and two best-sellers, Intranet Business Strategies (© John Wiley) and Intranet as Groupware (© John Wiley).

*She has been featured by hundreds of media around the globe, including CNBC Asia, Reuters, Newsweek, Better Homes and Gardens, Heart Healthy Living, PBS, Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS.