HRX Innovation Challenge: Deadline is June 3, 2024

HRX Innovation Challenge: Deadline is June 3, 2024

Ramsey Wehbe

Heart Failure Cardiologist & Assistant Professor of Medicine

Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston

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About Ramsey Wehbe, MD, MSAI

Ramsey Wehbe, MD MSAI is a heart failure cardiologist and an assistant professor of medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, with dual appointments in the Division of Cardiology and the Biomedical Informatics Center. He is a physician scientist with expertise and formal training in artificial intelligence, and his clinical interests include cardiac imaging in the diagnosis of heart failure subtypes.

Dr. Wehbe completed his undergraduate studies at Duke University and medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to medical school, he spent a year at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a clinical research fellow. He then completed his residency in internal medicine and fellowship in cardiovascular disease, both at Northwestern, followed by an innovative fellowship in Artificial Intelligence at the Northwestern Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, which culminated in a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence degree from the Northwestern McCormick School of Engineering. Following this program, Dr. Wehbe completed a fellowship in advanced heart failure at Northwestern.

Dr. Wehbe has published extensively on the clinical application of artificial intelligence, particularly deep learning, to unstructured data sources (including imaging and free text from clinical notes) and holds several research awards/grants in this field. He sees great value in these technologies to help more deeply phenotype the heart failure syndrome and improve outcomes for patients living with heart failure.