HRX Innovation Challenge: Deadline is June 3, 2024

HRX Innovation Challenge: Deadline is June 3, 2024

Nishaki Mehta

Associate Professor of Medicine

William Beaumont Oakland University School of Medicine

Moderated Sessions

September 06, 2024 | 02:45 PM (EDT) - 03:45 PM (EDT)

About Nishaki Mehta, MD, FHRS

Nishaki Mehta, MD, FHRS is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the William Beaumont Oakland University School of Medicine. She specializes in electrophysiology, which includes treating abnormal heart rhythms using devices like pacemakers and defibrillators. She is particularly interested in complex ablations, a procedure that corrects faulty electrical signals in the heart, and implantation of complex devices and management.

Born in Mumbai, Dr. Mehta received her medical degree from Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College and was selected as an international exchange student in her final year. After completing a post-doctoral fellowship and internship at the University of Massachusetts, she continued her residency training at George Washington University and completed a cardiovascular fellowship at Ohio State University. Dr. Mehta then pursued cardiac electrophysiology training at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

Cardiac electrophysiology is a field driven by technology, and Dr. Mehta is an innovator driven by a passion to improve patient care in safe, effective and affordable ways. Her collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2018 earned the Medical Device Innovation Competition’s top prize. She holds several patents for her innovative ideas and technologies. . In addition, she led a research trial that looks at ways to reduce bleeding and scarring after pacemaker defibrillator surgery using a device which she invented while she was at the University of Virginia. In her prior position as faculty at the Biomedical Engineering Division at the University of Virginia, she mentored over 30 Capstone students on engineering technologies to improve health care.

Dr. Mehta has produced more than 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts and more than 60 abstracts for international conferences. She is an active reviewer for several cardiology journals. She has won several awards, including the Cardiology Woman in Training Award for Excellence by the American Heart Association. She also was recently nominated for the prestigious Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Fellowship for 2019. She was recognized by UVA for her Excellence in Research for 2019. She was selected as a GLOWE recipient by the Heart Rhythm Society in 2020.