Event category: Business of Digital Health


September 22, 2023


01:00 PM (PST) - 02:00 PM (PST)

Stage 04

Sandra Nagale

In this session we will provide an overview of Generative AI (large language models - LLMs) and review examples of LLM applications in healthcare. The goal of the discussion will be to focus on the benefits and opportunities of LLMs and the associated risks and limitations as well as ways to overcome these hurdles specifically in the practice of cardiology.

Sandra Nagale

Director, Digital Health

Boston Scientific


01:00 PM (PST) - 02:00 PM (PST)

Stage 03

Dick Quist | Dale Yoo

This dual agenda program, sponsored by Abbott, is for those interested how remote solutions are advancing EP. Dr. Yoo is a pioneer in EnSite™ Connected Care and the first to receive and demonstrate live case functionality with the system commercially in the U.S.. He will discuss the impact and reach EnSite Connected Care can have for physicians, patients, industry and healthcare overall. Second, Dr. Dick Quist will be outlining Abbott’s innovative approach to advancing medical education through the utilization of the latest available technology.

Dick Quist

Senior Manager Global Education Centers


Dale Yoo

Director of Electrophysiology | Founder and President

Texas Health Resources | Heart Rhythm Specialists


01:00 PM (PST) - 02:00 PM (PST)

Stage 02

Jonathan Piccini | Kathryn Zavala | Prashanthan Sanders | Aneesh Deoras | Rex Gale

Envision the future of AF care, considering the exciting possibilities that may await as a result of potential discoveries and technology. Join our panel of thought leaders as we explore how innovation might drive transformation of the current pillars of AFib management. Dr. Jon Piccini, Professor of Medicine, Duke University, will moderate the panel and elicit the foresights of an expert patient, regulator, clinician, and innovator

Kathryn Zavala

Chief Operating Officer

MedTech Innovator

Prashanthan Sanders

Director of the Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders

University of Adelaide

Aneesh Deoras

Assistant Director for Cardiac Ablation, Mapping, and Imaging Devices

FDA’s Office of Cardiovascular Devices, Center for Devices and Radiological Health

Rex Gale

Organizer of TEDxHiltonHead | Hilton Head Island Leadership Institute, Founder


Jonathan Piccini

Professor of Medicine

Duke University

September 21, 2023


05:00 PM (PST) - 05:45 PM (PST)

Main Stage

Jennifer N. Avari Silva | Priya Abani | Julie Brewer | Alicia Chong Rodriguez | Liz Kwo

Women executives in cardiovascular innovation (particularly health technology) are a small but powerful group. This fireside chat will highlight 4 accomplished women spanning the innovation spectrum from innovators and inventors to chief executive officers as we discuss the unique career paths, challenges faced, and barriers overcome. This session will continue to advance the dialogue started at the HRX2022 session.

Priya Abani

Chief Executive Officer

AliveCor Inc.

Julie Brewer

President, Care & Connectivity Solutions


Alicia Chong Rodriguez

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bloomer Tech

Liz Kwo

Chief Commercial Officer | Board Director | Faculty Lecturer and Practicing Physician | Author | Entrepreneur

Everly Health | Harvard Medical School

Jennifer N. Avari Silva

Director Pediatric Electrophysiology

Washington University SOM

September 22, 2023


02:15 PM (PST) - 03:15 PM (PST)

Stage 01

Nassir Marrouche | Andrew Sauer | David Reed Keene | Dalain Williams

Health Kiosks are self-contained medical units that utilize point of care devices, such as blood pressure monitors, ECG machines and glucometers. These devices are usually connected to a cloud-based platform that allows clinicians to remotely take care of patients. However, the full potential of health kiosks has yet to be realized. On the other hand, hospital-at-home care is becoming a reality. Hospital-at-home care models enable some patients who require acute-level care to receive it at home instead of a hospital. In some settings, this care delivery model has been shown to improve outcomes, enhance the patient experience, and reduce costs. While many see this model as a promising approach to improve value and care delivery, there are many challenges in implementation that should be overcome. This session will tackle these challenges of meeting the patient where they want to be seen outside of the four walls of the hospital.

Andrew Sauer

Associate Professor | Associate Director of the Cardiometabolic and Cardiovascular Research Programs

University of Missouri, Kansas City | Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute

Dalain Williams

Data & Insights Lead on the Central Product Inclusion and Equity Team


David Reed Keene

Sr. Director Product & Platform Engineering Lead at Pfizer


Nassir Marrouche

Director of Heart and Vascular Institute

Tulane University School of Medicine


03:45 PM (PST) - 04:30 PM (PST)

Stage 04

Kenneth Nelson | Nassir Marrouche | Kathryn Zavala | Suneet Mittal

Kathryn Zavala

Chief Operating Officer

MedTech Innovator

Nassir Marrouche

Director of Heart and Vascular Institute

Tulane University School of Medicine

Suneet Mittal

Director of the Electrophysiology Laboratory and Associate Chief of Cardiology

The Valley Hospital

Kenneth Nelson

Partner | Chairman | Board of Directors

Medtech Advantage Fund | CardiaCare | HeartBeam Inc.


09:45 AM (PST) - 10:45 AM (PST)

Main Stage

Christian Marton | Eunjung Lee | Leah Sarang Park | Kashvi Gupta | Soonil Kwon | Adam Doerr

Christian Marton

VP of Technology

Vektor Medical

Eunjung Lee

Senior Data Science Analyst at Cardiovascular AI Research

Mayo Clinic

Leah Sarang Park

Research Study Coordinator

Valley Health System

Kashvi Gupta

Medical Resident

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Soonil Kwon

Clinical Assistant Professor in Electrophysiology

Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, the Republic of Korea

Adam Doerr

Internist and Digital Medicine Fellow

UMass Chan Medical School

September 21, 2023


03:15 PM (PST) - 04:15 PM (PST)

Main Stage

Jasneet Devgun | Ishan Vatsaraj | Sharon Toora | Liam Butler | Kim Schwab | Holly Easlea

Ishan Vatsaraj


John Hopkins University

Sharon Toora

Lead Arrhythmia Nurse Specialist

basildon and thurrock hospital

Holly Easlea

Senior Clinical Manager


Liam Butler

Research Faculty

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist

Kim Schwab

Jasneet Devgun

Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellow

University of Michigan

September 23, 2023


11:00 AM (PST) - 12:00 PM (PST)

Main Stage

Kareem Osman | Kathryn Mangold | Nikhil Ahluwalia | Sabine Lotteau | Christopher Villongco | Hawkins Gay

Kareem Osman

Medical Resident | Telehealth Clinical Technician (TCT)/Analyst

UCLA | Duxlink Health

Kathryn Mangold

Data Science Analyst

Mayo Clinic

Nikhil Ahluwalia

Barts Charity Clinical Research Training Fellow

Barts Health NHS Trust

Sabine Lotteau

Senior Clinical Research Scientist

Volta Medical

Christopher Villongco

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Vektor Medical, Inc.

Hawkins Gay

Cardiac Electrophysiologist

Northwestern Medicine


02:30 PM (PST) - 03:30 PM (PST)

Stage 03

Adrian Hernandez | Alexander Hajduczok | Andrew Sauer | Jagmeet Singh | Beth Davenport

Alexander Hajduczok

Cardiology Fellow

Thomas Jefferson University

Andrew Sauer

Associate Professor | Associate Director of the Cardiometabolic and Cardiovascular Research Programs

University of Missouri, Kansas City | Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute

Jagmeet Singh

Cardiologist & Professor of Medicine

Massachusetts General Hospital | Harvard Medical School

Beth Davenport

Clinical Translation Specialist


Adrian Hernandez

Executive Director, Duke Clinical Research Institute, and Vice Dean of the Duke University School of Medicine